Yuji means something …….


It literally means “something” in Mandarin. A thing. The reverse of nothing. A tangible entity. We like the word “tangible” as it sums up what we aim to do. Our treatments are not esoteric, they are firmly rooted in the ability to change the state of someone’s body and the course of their illness and their lives. We want our treatments to address problems directly and aim for at least good improvement or complete resolution in any condition presented to us.


What defines YUJI


Yuji is a Chinese medicine clinic committed to constantly refining the skills and services that we offer to those who need our help. We train and practice together daily so that we can improve our understanding, and we study with a handful of truly gifted practitioners from various disciplines around the world who have the knowledge and skill to raise the standard of medicine. We sometimes call what we do “classical Chinese medicine” or ”warm hand acupuncture”, but we also like to call it “tangible medicine”, because all our work is focussed to make you feel the improvements in your health.



How to use YUJI


Many of the people who come to us for treatment know us by reputation. We tend to attract patients who fall in to one of two categories; those who are unwell, or those who are very well but who are working hard towards something. This tends to mean that some people know YUJI for extremely gentle treatments, whilst others know us for very intense sensations that we can elicit with the work that we do.


Whichever category you fall in to, we really need to check you out thoroughly. If you are unwell, we need to know the state of your illness so that we can unlock it strategically. If you are in a really good state of health and training we need to get an understanding of what that means for you, so that we can enhance what you are doing.