Fri, 01 Jan | Shepherd's Bush

Classical Herbalism in the Modern Clinic - Diploma

Taught by JulieAnn and Andrew Nugent-Head; A clinically focused, comprehensive 380 hour, 2 year Chinese herbal medicine training program Maximum of 25 participants.

Time and location

01 Jan 2021, 09:00 – 30 Nov 2022, 17:00
Shepherd's Bush, Shepherd's Bush, London W12, UK

About the Event

This Chinese Medicine herb course has been designed by JulieAnn and Andrew Nugent-Head and reflects the many years of study and clinical practice that they have gained - first through tutelage under the late Dr. Li Hongxiang in Beijing (one of the last known Chinese medical doctors to practice in a completely traditional manner) and, subsequentl,y through their own experience in 20+ years of clinical practice and teaching. 

This course is unique. It teaches the fundamental practice of Chinese Herbs as practiced by the great doctors of history who, by following the theories of the Nei Jing, recognised the causative factor in their patients that was creating an imbalance in the yin and yang and resulting in symptoms. They then decided whether the best way to affect that causative factor and rebalance the yin and yang was through introducing acrid, sweet, sour, bitter or salty flavours into the body in order to influence the qi in a specific way.

Thus, herbal formulas were created by combining herbs with the appropriate flavours to affect the qi ‑ dispersing, moving, building, slowing, draining, drying, gathering, astringing, descending, softening or permeating ‑ which then resulted in resolution of the symptom or disease.

This 2-year part time course is designed to allow you to do the majority of study utilising online resources, thus allowing study to fit around home and work life.  JulieAnn and Andrew will travel to London for six, three-day weekend in-attendance visits over the 2 years providing a more in-depth view of the learning material and to go over numerous case studies in order to give clinical context to the learning. A study planner will be provided giving module key completion dates to match in-attendance visits.

Confirmed dates for in-attendance visits:

  • Feb 26/27/28 Winter 2021
  • May 21/22/23 Spring 2021
  • June 25/26/27 Summer 2021
  • Oct 1/2/3 Autumn 2021
  • Feb 25/26/27 2022
  • May 20/21/22 2022

A distinctive feature of this course will be the regular brewing and tasting of herbs in order for the student to really become familiar with the taste, flavor and actions of individual herbs and the timing of the in-attendance visits to coincide with the 4 seasons.

In the 2nd year, students can attend a 10-day clinical observation with Andrew and JulieAnn Nugent-Head in Asheville, NC, USA in order to gain Balens Insurance backing to practice in the UK. This time is essential for seeing herbs integrated into the full scope of patient treatment. During this time, attendees will also spend time at the Nugent-Heads herb farm.

In order to help students establish a learning community, a categorised discussion forum will be set up to answer questions and issues that come up during the learning and students will be expected to form their own herb tasting groups. There will also be 11 four hour zoom meetings over the two years to answer questions on designated Fridays (dates TBC). Participants will be encouraged to email questions, cases they are looking at, etc, ahead of time. Questions will also be fielded live as well as discussions if possible. All sessions will be recorded for review later or if attendance is not possible at a particular session.

Cost: Please see the Herbal Medicine Course Outline at for further information and cost.

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