To prepare the powdered herbal formula, just put 3 heaped teaspoons in to the thermos and add boiling water, agitate a few times to get the powder moving, then leave overnight. The liquid from this mixture is then your prescription to drink warm through the course of the next day, usually before food.


When you pour out the mixture in the morning, make sure that you leave the sludge (which should have settled at the bottom) to keep the fluid nice and clear when you drink it. You can also use a strainer.


It is quite hard to dry the powders out for reuse, so I tend to add more boiling water to the thermos in the morning and leave through the day to drink some more at night. If you do this and the formula has little taste it will also have little effect, so best to use a fresh batch.

If you catch a cold while taking the herbs, cease taking the formula and use other appropriate herbal methods.

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