Should be smart, should 'educate' the body and challenge it in as many ways as possible - strength, flexibility, awareness, balance. Listed below are some of the practices we enjoy at Yuji, although there are many more......

Tree climbing
Daily practice
Strength training
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GET OUTSIDE! A great way to explore your inner monkey and get creative. Preferably barefoot. Checkout Ben Medder (link) for more inspiration.....

Any repetitive daily practice that integrates with your breathing is a valuable thing to commit to. There are many options including yoga, swimming and Eastern practices of qigong or tai chi.

Keeping the body flexible is vital. Commonly gym classes, HIIT workouts, spinning and other popular fitness go-tos focus on contracting and strengthening muscles at the expense of extension and lengthening - both are needed of optimal function. 

Which isn't to say strength is not important! But knowing how to target a range of muscles and spotting which need most attention will help keep your body robust and resilient. Check out these videos for more information.




Quiet time and switching off - breath work, meditation. 30mins a day can bring many benefits. Links?

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