How we move


At Yuji, much of our training to be practitioners involves things you might expect: keeping fit, meditating and doing specific exercises to make sure that we have warm, strong and sensitive hands to carry out our skilled work. But our training philosophy also means that we do plenty of other things.


Whether it is dancing, hiking, cycling, surfing, skiing, horse riding, kayaking, martial arts, arty arts, bringing up children, or climbing trees, this is the stuff of life and it is through these pursuits that we learn how to help people with a wide variety of hobbies or work activities.


Because, although Yuji is a “health” clinic, health is not our ultimate aim. Unless you are really suffering with poor health, then “health” is a really boring thing to be aiming for. It is the life that your health and vitality allow you to live that is the important thing.


That never excuses us as YUJI practitioners from doing our very best to get you back in to a state of good health, but we also want to be progressing you to be challenging the boundaries of your resilience. So please tweak your back, make your muscles sore and bruise your shins, as we can sort it for you. We just hope these things happen while you are doing something you love to do and you continue to learn from doing, because that is what we will be doing too.