James Cattermole, clinical director

James has been practicing acupuncture, tuina, herbal medicine and qi gong since 1996 and has taught in several of the UK's Chinese medicine colleges as well as across Europe.


Treatment with James

I tend to treat people who have a complicated condition.

When I meet people for the first treatment I need to spend at least an hour with them. The priority in this initial consultation is to assess your state in as much depth as possible in order to come up with a clear treatment strategy, and as such it typically involves more assessment and questioning than treatment. That said, I am not expecting to get to the bottom of your condition in one go. It can happen, but experience keeps teaching me not to rush and to see what secrets (not sure, maybe something like puzzle/conundrum better) the body is holding and let it reveal them gradually. If you are in pain I will look to get you out as quickly as possible, but I would still like to go deeper and work out the fullest picture that I can of your overall state. Subsequent treatment may include acupuncture, bodywork, herbs, dietary advice, physical training and/or gait adjustment etc. 

ONE TO ONE TREATMENT (Available early mornings or later evenings, £120)

My aim in these sessions is to obtain as clear an understanding as possible about all of the aspects that are affecting your health. If I have not met you before we must start with one of these sessions. If we know that you need a lot of one to one time for whatever reason, or if you cannot make the assisted clinic slots (see below), you can continue to come and see me for these one to one sessions. There is a discount of £120 in you book for 5 treatments. 


In these sessions I am assisted by a colleague as part of our teaching clinic at Yuji. The session lasts for an hour and I will be with you for much of that time, and my colleague will help start or finish the treatment. It is a good idea to book a few of these sessions in advance to ensure that you get a regular slot at a time that suits you. It also allows us to work through our strategy for what needs to be done in sequence each time you come. There is a discount of £60 if you book for 5 treatments. 


Herbal formula will be charged additionally. The formula themselves are rarely more than about £10 per week and often less. When you are seeing me as your main practitioner for treatment there is no extra cost for herbal prescription writing. If I am not your main practitioner, there is a charge of £30 for initial consultation.

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020 7383 7014

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