1. Compassion

 Think of someone you love and make a mental note of how the  sensation of love and compassion fill you. Imagine it as a  bubble around you that then grows to encompass your city,  country, continent and world.


2. Gratitude

 3 things that you are grateful for in your personal life  

 3 things that you are grateful for in your work life

 3 things that you are grateful for about your self


3. Forgiveness

Bring to mind a hurtful scene, feel the anger and pain, forgive  in to love


4. Future dreams


Bring up 3 items from your list of Most Important questions.  See yourself having the experience, growth and ability to  contribute that you wrote in the list. Think of 3 years time  frame and try to  think of what you want in the present tense,  ie; “Why am I so good at………”


5. The perfect day

If I want to achieve the 3 most important questions, what  should I be doing today? Think of the day unfolding perfectly  (wouldn’t it be great if..?) so that you attune to the positive


6. The blessing


Imagine that there is a higher power ready to support you on  your quest (and if not you then someone else)Imagine this  higher power flowing down from the top of the head all the  way to the feet. This is protective and guiding. Thank it and  get on with your day.