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I began my formal study of Chinese Medicine in 1996. Over the years I have studied in China, Thailand, Japan, USA and Germany. I have also had the opportunity to teach Chinese medicine at a number of UK colleges and was lecturer and Clinical Supervisor at the University of Westminster Polyclinic for 5 years. I was a co-founder of Kai clinic, a BHMA award winning multi-couch acupuncture practice within a North London GP surgery. Following on from some of the ideas developed through teaching, I co-founded Yuji Clinic of Chinese Medicine in London, as well as Yu seminars. I am dedicated to the promotion of Classical Chinese Medicine understanding and practice.

I have spent much of my life trying to understand the world around me. I often feel that I am getting closer to this objective with every decade that passes, yet I still manage to provide evidence to the contrary every so often. I am profoundly grateful to my teachers who have helped me along the way. It is my hope that by telling you of my teachers and something of the lineage of my knowledge you will be able to infer the qualities that I admire and aspire to, not just in Chinese medicine, but in life.

At the start of every lecture I always like to give the names of the following people, partly to say thanks and also to prove that I am not making this stuff up. The fact that all these named people also defer both to their teachers and to their teacher’s classical roots also highlights that the great medical and philosophical thinkers in China (and elsewhere) really were that smart and observant 2000 years ago.

I hope these people will forgive my attempts to sum up their incredible work in a few short sentences.


Phra Hans Ulrich Kaempfer and Luang Paw Charoen

These two extraordinary people shared some of their time with me at Thamkrabok monastery in Thailand. I had gone there to study the rehab clinic but came away with so much more. Phra Hans helped to put my thoughts into some order and then, once I had nearly died (long story), Luang Paw showed me what my own life might mean and what real teaching felt like. Beautiful; life changing; terrifying.

Arnaud Versluys.

A man with a piercing intellect who took his students by the scruff of the neck and showed us how smart this medicine was and could be. He also makes you realise how much fun it can be once you are given the principles. No mystery, no pretence, just logic, clarity, process and results and the most profound respect for the classics. Deservedly the world’s most famous Belgian.

Eddie Obaidey

Who let me in to his clinic where I enjoyed seeing someone so adept at the skills involved in treating. He always reminds me of a jazz musician, improvising with such assured awareness and confidence. A colleague once said of him; “other people made me want to do acupuncture, but he made me want to be an acupuncturist”.

John Tindal

The founder of the Gateway clinic and a true pioneer of effective Chinese medicine provision in this country. John was the first person I met who really embodied the medicine and the first who allowed me into this clinic to teach what dedication and service meant. Thanks to his infectious ability to push limits I can endure many things, including sweat lodges that would be too much for even an Estonian. A privilege.

Roy Jenson

I really only studied with Roy on 2 or 3 occasions but the intensity of his focus and movement have stayed with me, and remains during every qi gong session I ever do. Enough said.

Elizabeth Rochat de la Valle

Who weaves the history and the philosophy of Chinese medicine into the fabric of your thoughts. Joie de vivre in person.

Ed Neal

For the compassion and the overview he gives to the Neijing and the fundamentals which underlie the Chinese sciences.

Andrew Nugent Head.

As soon as I met Andrew I knew that he was the person who could change the course of Chinese medicine in the UK. His embodiment of the medicine and his dedication to thorough teaching has given us the grounding to build a community who have the tangible skills to treat and to genuinely learn from each other. His skill in getting out of the way of his own teaching means that, however much we credit him for his work, we are probably still short changing him.

Chloe Ogden

A strong interest in Chinese language and culture led me to complete a Masters degree in Mandarin at Edinburgh University in 2001. As part of this degree I spent an academic year living and studying in Taipei, where I was first exposed to the some of the concepts of Chinese medicine. I had many experiences there that ultimately led me to commence my acupuncture studies in 2006, after a brief stint working in finance, finally qualifying 6 years and 2 children later.

Acupuncture and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine continue to amaze and inspire me as much today as they did when I started out. No other subject that I have studied has struck me with such endless possibilities, applications and potency. I am very motivated by the potential of acupuncture to resolve health issues where Western medicine fails to provide a solution. I believe it is one of the most comprehensive complementary therapies available, and would like to see it made accessible to as many people as possible.

I have trained with Charles Chace, Dan Bensky, Steven Birch, Marian Fixler and most recently Andrew Nugent-Head, amongst others. I am fascinated by the many aspects of what it is to be human, and feel that this field is the perfect tool for exploration of our condition. I hope that by pursuing an understanding of our dynamic mind-body connection that I am able to constantly improve and develop my treatment of others.

Steve McCulloch
YUJI 121
YUJI 121

There are pivotal points in your life where you realise that although our western medicine can be very powerful, there are some conditions where it just runs out of options. For me this moment arrived when I suffered from a severe case of lower back-pain. I finally found relief and recovery through acupuncture and yoga. This started a long road of investigation and curiosity about these little known medicines and ended in me swapping my career as an engineering consultant to that of a practicing acupuncturist.

I studied in the UK at the University of Westminster and graduated with a 1st class honours. Then the learning started – but what a privilege to now be doing something I love and am passionate about and to continually learn and expand my practice under some of the best acupuncturists and therapists in the UK and the world. It’s not an easy job as the body is wonderfully complex, sensitive and full of potential which requires my full dedication in order to make a difference. But I am determined to be the best I can be and in the process assist my patients to be the best they can be.

Passions outside of my practice include cycling, fixing bikes (any of the 3), surfing, skiing, taiqi and travelling with my wife