Yuji means something

It literally means “something”. A thing. A tangible entity. The reverse of nothing.

We like the word “tangible” as it sums up what we aim to do. Our treatments are not esoteric, they are firmly rooted in the ability to change the state of someone’s body and hopefully change the course of their illness. We want our treatments to leave no doubt that a bad condition has altered.

We like to treat “things”, to address problems directly and aim for at least good improvement or complete resolution in any condition presented to us.

We also stand for “something”: The Daoist scientists who discovered and notated the information that forms the basis of this medicine are best known for the “Wuji” philosophy. Wuji (literally “no thing”) is a very modern sounding concept that views the world as almost devoid of matter, that all things are energetic phenomena constantly affecting each other in an inseparable system. “Wuji Daoists” tended to be hermits living in mountains, away from society in places where they could investigate this concept.

But this represents only half of the philosophy. The other half is that, of course there are definable “things” and of course we have to see the differences between these things if we are to be effective in the world. So the “Yuji” Daoists tended to be government officials, generals, doctors; people who were getting involved, people who were doing “something”

This is why we chose the name YUJI. We like to treat tangible symptoms, in an effective way to do something definite to help people. We are “Yuji” treating other “Yuji” so that they can continue their own investigations into life in the most dynamic and interesting way they can.

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