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Our standard treatment cost is £60, but we often have discounted or specialist clinics sessions.


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As you may know, NHS funding for acupuncture has been greatly reduced across the UK. Having started my career in an NHS Chinese medicine clinic, I have seen just how useful such regular treatment can be for some patients.


As a clinic, we want to be able to offer drug free effective bodywork treatment on a larger scale so that people who know they can get relief from acupuncture have access to affordable and effective treatment.


So we have decided to trial a low cost acupuncture and bodywork session at Yuji clinic, 52 Phoenix Road. These sessions will take place on Wednesdays 11am until 2pm.


The treatments themselves will last 30 minutes and slots are bookable on the day by dropping in to the clinic to get an allocated time slot. The sessions are mostly aimed at local or semi local people. In order to be as available as possible to the local community, we will also accept a limited number of donation only patients as long as they are have a referral or recommendation letter from a GP in the NW1 area.


Each treatment session costs £15.

If herbal medicine is prescribed an additional cost (usually in the region of £10 per week) will apply. 


Donations to the Arthritis Sessions at Yuji clinic are welcomed but not expected. All money received goes to cover clinic rental and costs and training for our apprentices. If we find that the service is of use, our aim is to secure funding so that we can extend the service times and availability.


We will also be running an exercise class in the area on the same days to help improve people’s balance and strength and mobility. 


If you or someone you know would benefit from this service, please spread the word.


James Cattermole,

Yuji clinic

arthritis sessions

Wednesdays 11-2pm




We are now able to offer low cost treatment for personnel involved in the following services (evidence required):


Armed Forces



Nursing staff 




Treatment prices: 

Current serving professionals:

£30 - £45 (depending on rank)


Retired or medically retired service people: free *


*We currently we have 3 slots available per week for 6 sessions although our aim in the future is to secure funding to offer more of these free treatments. 



We have a commitment to the idea of service, and that those whose work ensures the safety, stability and fundamental needs of the rest of society, deserve something in return. It is perhaps coincidental that our medical lineage (from Dr Xie Peiqi, Beijing) also has a tradition of offering help to service personnel.


We are a results driven clinic and have an especially good reputation in treating muscle and joint problems, painful symptoms of all kinds, and conditions made worse by stress such as tension headaches, digestive issues, heart arrhythmias etc.


personnel discount


52 Phoenix Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 1ES, UK

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