It is so refreshing and encouraging to discover in the heart of London Chinese medicine practitioners who have such a deep understanding of the human body and expertise in helping it heal, coupled with genuine humility.

James and Charles have helped me recover from a 12 year old accident more than anyone else (classical or alternative approach) has managed in that time!

Stavros Garzonis

"For over 30 years I have had acupuncture treatment for stress and strain, injuries and illness. Mostly treatment has meant a short discussion, then needles were placed and I would lie still whilst energy is being renewed or re channeled.
Now I receive manipulation and massage and needles in an ongoing situation, all as a reaction to the response of my body. I am Involved and I give and receive feedback. It’s like ‘Designer Acupuncture’, and its working. Thanks"

Valerie - Hertfordshire

"For 6 months I had been experiencing back, shoulder and neck pain that stopped me from moving and resting. This happened mainly due to bad habits and posture at work. I have now been diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis in the spine.
My Gp was able to help me with painkillers, I didn’t want to explore other options, I didn’t have the time. I came across acupuncture after my physiotherapist suggested it to me. From the first day I felt a difference, a reduction in the pain and an increase in mobility. Andrew has now given me around 6 sessions and by the third the pain was nearly gone an I had almost got back 100% mobility. I feel I am back to my old self.
The trust I felt in Andy from the first session is due to a real sense of care for his patients. I still don’t know how acupuncture works, just that it works."

Josie - London